Exploring the Impact, Advancement, Techniques and Applications

2nd International Conference 


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

04-05 September 2021



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International conference 


Artificial intElligence


Machine learning


Exploring the Impact, Advancement, Techniques and Applications


04-05 September


Key Highlights of ACAIRS AWARDS


  • To honor Startups, EduTech, FinTech, Industries, and Academic Institutions and Individuals like Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, Innovators, Mentors, Leaders, Decision Makers, Academicians, and Researchers; for their initiatives in the world.
  • Most comprehensive Organizations, Startups and Higher Education institute will join hand together for this event.
  • A big networking event for leaders in Business & Academics.
  • Convergence of who is who of the Global Business Network System.
  • Awards for Business & Academic Excellence to outstanding Leaders, Personalities, Decision Makers and Organizations.
  • Extensive Online coverage for the ACAIRS 2020.

Benefits For Winning ACAIRS Awards


  • Award enables the winner to reach out to society with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense publicity through award.
  • The winner will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of commitment to Research and Educational excellence.
  • The winner will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of commitment to Business and Academic excellence.
  • The winner will be able to use the award certificate, citation and memento in all brochures, leaflets, print advertisements, websites and promotional collaterals
  • A great networking opportunity for the winners to initiate the collaborative research or initiations.
  • ACAIRS Awards 2020 gives much deserved recognition for winner's hard work.

Important Dates


















  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year(Male)
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Female)
  • Young CEO of the Year (Male)
  • Young CEO of the Year (Female)
  • CEO of the Year (Male)
  • CEO of the Year (Female)
  • CTO of the Year (Male)
  • CTO Of the Year(Female)
  • CFO of the Year (Male)
  • CMO of the Year(Male)
  • CMO of the Year(Female)
  • CIO of the Year(Male)
  • CIO of the Year(female)
  • Best Young Managing Director Award
  • Best Managing Director Award
  • Best Young Director Award
  • Best Director Award
  • Founder of the Year 
  • Resilent Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Global Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Startup Leader of the Year
  • Creative Entrepreneur
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Innovator of the Year 
  • Woman Start up Entrepreneur of the Year 
  • Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • EdTech Leader of the Year
  • EduTech CEO of the Year
  • ICT Lifetime Achiever Award
  • ICT Entrepreneurship Award
  • ICT Leadership of the Year
  • Young Leader of the Year
  • Leader of the Year Award
  • Business Mentor of the Year
  • Rising Star Award
  • FinTech Leader of the Year
  • FinTech Rising Star
  • Fintech Mentor of the Year
  • AI Leader of the Year


  • Life Time Achievement Award
  • Researcher of the Year
  • Teaching Excellence Award
  • Young Achiever Award
  • Professor of the Year
  • Excellent Teacher Award
  • Scientist of the Year
  • Academic Coordinator of the Year
  • Academic Advisor Award
  • Faculty of the Year
  • Research Achievement Award
  • Academic Professional Award
  • Academic Leadership Award
  • Innovative Teacher Award
  • Distinguished Educator Award
  • Administrator of the Year
  • Supervisor of the Year
  • Outstanding Academic Leader of the Year


  • Excellence in ICT Business for the Year
  • Employer of the Year
  • ICT Rising Star of the Year
  • Best Innovation in ICT Solutions
  • Best ICT Company of the Year
  • Best ICT Initiative by Government Enterprise for Sustainable Development
  • Innovation of ICT in Education Solutions
  • Best Start Up In Skill Development
  • Digital Learning Company of the Year
  • Emerging EdTech Company of the Year
  • Best E-Learning Company of the Year
  • Best Education ERP of the Year
  • Best Skill Development Enterprise for the Year
  • Best ICT Product of the Year
  • Best IT Infrastructure of the Year
  • Best R&D Company of the Year
  • Best ICT Enabled Academic Institution of the Year
  • ICT Entrepreneur of the Year (Individual)
  • Best ICT Startup Promoter of the Year
  • Best Incubation Center
  • STEM Company of the Year
  • Learning App of the Year
  • Best Online Test Prep/Tutoring Company of the Year
  • Education Publisher of the Year


  • Company of the Year
  • Business of the Year
  • Innovative Tech Company of the Year
  • Comeback Company of the Year
  • Most Innovative Company of the Year
  • Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year
  • Best Place to Work
  • Law Firm of the Year
  • E-Commerce Company of the Year Award
  • The Employer of the Year
  • Innovative Company of the Year
  • Fastest-Growing Company of the Year
  • Most Influential Company of the Year
  • Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year
  • Most Environmentally Responsible Company of the Year
  • Advertising or Marketing Agency of the Year
  • PR Agency of the Year
  • Non-profit or Government Organization of the Year


  • Startup of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Best Smart City Solution Startup
  • Best bio-science and bio-technology startup
  • Best healthcare Startup
  • Best Ed-tech Startup of the Year
  • Best Deep-Tech Startup
  • Clean-tech Startup of the Year
  • Best Tech Aggregator of the Year
  • Retail Startup of the Year
  • Bootstrapped Business of the Year
  • Innovative Concept of the Year
  • Best Social Impact Startup
  • Best Workforce Enablement Startup
  • Best Food Tech Startup
  • Best Consumer Internet Startup
  • Best AI and Machine Learning Startup
  • Logistics Startup of the Year
  • Real Estate Startup of the Year
  • Energy Startup of the Year
  • B2B Startup of the Year
  • Top Community Builder Startup of the Year
  • Product Business of the Year


  • University of the Year
  • Best Infrastructure amongst Universities
  • Best Tech-Savvy University of the year
  • Engineering College of the Year
  • Best Infrastructure amongst Engineering Colleges
  • Best Tech-Savvy Engineering College of the year
  • Most Innovative Engineering College of the Year
  • Best Infrastructure amongst Business Schools
  • Medical College of the Year
  • Polytechnic College of the Year
  • Emerging University of the Year
  • Best Faculties amongst Universities
  • Most Innovative University of the Year
  • Best Emerging Engineering College of the Year
  • Best Faculties amongst Engineering Colleges
  • Most Innovative Engineering College of the Year
  • Best Emerging Business School of the Year
  • Best Faculties amongst Business Schools
  • Agricultural College of the Year
  • Emerging Higher Education Institute of the Year


  • School of the Year
  • Best Chain of Schools of the Year
  • Best Use of Technology by School of the Year
  • Best Emerging School of the Year
  • Best Playschool of the Year
  • Best Boarding School of the Year
  • Best School for Innovation & Value based Education in India
  • Best Teachers amongst Schools
  • Best use of Innovation in Teaching
  • Best Infrastructure in Schools
  • Best International School of the Year
  • Best School in Extra-curricular Activity


  • Financial Institution of the Year
  • RegTech Company of the Year
  • Investment Firm of the Year
  • AI Company of the Year
  • FinTech Company of the Year
  • Blockchain/Digital Currency Startup of the Year
  • Accelerator/Incubator of the Year
  • Most Innovative Bank of the Year
  • FinTech Startup of the Year
  • Payment Company of the Year



Nomination process is online only. Nominations can be submitted by any individual or a Organization. The nomination must include the related documents in order for the nominee to be considered for an award, which is clearly mentioned on the website. Nomination will be only considered for the completed form with all the required documents.


Eligibility for Awardees


  • The nominee must be qualified from the recognized Organization or academic institutions.
  • Nominee must have documents of Project, Research & Innovation, Constancy Projects, Grants, Patents, Collaboration with Industries/Institutions.
  • Nominee Evaluation will be on parameters like Business idea and model, long term potential, social impact, leadership team, role of the entrepreneur, source of funding and YOY profit & growth, Experience, to shortlist the finalists.
  • Any other specific technical & professional accomplishments, societal or any economic impact of contributions.
  • Significant contribution through Business Management and Academics that has had a major impact on the discipline, either through a career-long record of contributions, through a prominent contribution regardless of rank.
  • Significant contribution to the Business Management and Academics through direct involvement.

Not Eligibility for Awards


  • Current ACAIRS staff, contractors and/or consultants are not eligible to apply for an Award.
  • Current members of ACAIRS Committees may not participate in the nomination or evaluation process of an award, nor are those members eligible to receive an award.



Round One

All the submitted applications for ACAIRS Awards will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by the core team  for shortlisting of applicants. This round will be performed to carefully evaluate all the submitted applications along with their documents for the completeness. All the incomplete applications will be segregated at this stage and nominee will be disqualified for further process.

Round Two

All the qualified applications from round one will be sent to a group of experts who are members in Jury and Advisory committee of ACAIRS Awards to evaluate thoroughly. Jury members will evaluate the application form based on supporting documents and provide the recommendations to the core team for final compilation and results.

Round Three

Based on jury’s recommendation, ACAIRS will announce the category-wise winners of the awards. The winners list will be announced publicly and informed via mail. All winners will be invited to join the ACAIRS Awards 2020.


Note: After Registration the Profiles of all the Awardee will be displayed on the Website. Keeping COVID-19 Scenerio in mind, the award will be announced and conferred by Session Chair/ Keynote in between the online sessions of ICAIML conference as per the schedule provided to the Awardee. The Certificate and Memento will be dispatched through POST*/ COURIER* to the address provided by the Awardee.


* For Awardee within India Extra 100 Rupee of Postal Charge for Certificates and Momento.

* For Outside India: Only E-Certificates will be provided. In case of requirement of Momento the additional postal charge will be bear by the Awardee.


HOw to Submit Nomination Application:


Nomination Entries supporting categories can be submit through link: 


For Further Information contact:



Call for Nomination Open

March 01, 2020

Last Date of Nomination

July 30, 2020

Annoucement of Results

August 05, 2020

Last Date of Registration

August 15, 2020

Date of Award Submit

September 05, 2020

Inviting Special Session Proposals, Accepting Entries in ICAIML 2020 and ACAIRS Awards

Telegram Link for ICAIML 2020 (Participant Only): https://t.me/joinchat/Qr0XtBjSFP2L-noDSQP93Q