Exploring the Impact, Advancement, Techniques and Applications

2nd International Conference 


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

18th-19th DECEMBER 2021



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International conference 


Artificial intElligence


Machine learning


Exploring the Impact, Advancement, Techniques and Applications


04-05 September

Special Sessions

Special Session Title: Recent Advancements in Artificial Intelligence


Details of Special Session Chair and Co-Chair:


Session Chair:          Dr. Ramesh Kumar

                                      Department of Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineering

                                      Government Engineering College,

                                      Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

                                      Email id: rameshkumarmeena@gmail.com


Aims & Scope:


The special session theme covers the methods, algorithms and information retrieval architecture used in Intelligent and Smart Communication Systems and Networks. The Coverage includes the use of Artificial Intelligence in Communication & Networking, Algorithms for Adaptive Methods and control for smart communication systems, Machine learning based system configuration and design, Computer vision and speech processing in for intelligent systems, Embedded System design and VLSI chip architecture development and their use in smart & intelligent systems.





  • Deep learning, including Convolutional Neural Networks,
  • Generative Adversarial Networks and Autoencoders.
  • Other machine learning, including Artificial Immune Systems,
  • Artificial Neural Networks,
  • Neuro Fuzzy Systems,
  • Reinforcement Learning,
  • Incremental Learning,
  • Bayesian networks,
  • Support Vector Machines,
  • Hybrid Learning,
  • Statistical learning.
  • Metaheuristics, including Genetic Algorithms,
  • Genetic Programming,
  • Particle Swarm Optimisation,
  • Spider Monkey Optimisation,
  • Harmonic Search,
  • Differential Evolution,
  • Bacterial Foraging Optimisation,
  • Fruit Fly Optimisation,
  • Firefly Algorithm,
  • Drosophila Food search Optimisation, Memetic Algorithms,
  • Robotic Simulated Annealing,
  • Stochastic Diffusion Search,
  • Tabu Search,
  • Fuzzy logic.
  • Control Systems,
  • Data-mining and Clustering,
  • Finance, Weather Forecasting,
  • Game Theory,
  • Grid Computing,
  • Image Processing,
  • Scheduling and Timetabling,
  • Signal Processing,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Web and Text Mining,
  • Wireless Sensor Networking,
  • Smart Cities, Medicine,
  • Health, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology,
  • Economics,
  • Business,
  • Wind and Solar Energy,
  • other Intelligent Systems and Forecasting Applications.




The Conference Proceedings as well as All the Accepted, Registered & Post Conference  papers  will be send for Indexing  and Inclusion in SCOPUS, Web of Science (WOS): CRC Press/IOP Science.


Submission Procedure:


Researchers  and  practitioners  are  invited  to  submit  papers  through  the below given easy chair link, while submitting paper under this session, Kindly select the paper topic: "Special Session Track: Recent Advancements in Artificial-Intelligence by Dr. Ramesh Kumar" and after submission forward the acknowledge mail (containing paper id, author names & affiliation, paper title) to rameshkumarmeena@gmail.com

Submission Linkhttp://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icaiml2020


Contributions   from   researchers   describing   their   original,   unpublished, research  which  is  not  currently  under  review  by  another  Conference  or Journal and addressing state-of-the-art  research (not a review and survey only paper) can be invited to share their work in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and its applications.


(Check:  https://www.icaiml.com/Call-for-Paper/)


All inquiries should be directed to the attention of Session Chair/Co-Chair:


Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Email id: rameshkumarmeena@gmail.com


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